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Week 30 – LITTLE MISS – the viral meme of summer 2022

Roger Hargreaves‘ Little Miss is all the rage on Instagram right now. By posting the funny little characters, inspired by a children’s book series that is more than 50 years old, people are showing which Little Miss they feel connected to. These include classics like „Little Miss Sunshine“ and „Little Miss Chatterbox“ or memes adapted to modern times like „Little Miss Drinks Ice Coffee In The Winter“ and „Little Miss Uses The Notes App On Instagram“. 

Read more here.

Can be found on Instagram at @littlemissnotesapp or simply under the #littlemiss.

Week 29 – Soccer Euro 2022: Do the eight-time European champions stand a chance?

Do the eight-time European champions stand a chance?

The most successful national soccer team at the European Championship is currently fighting to regain the title in 2022. 

After a long dry spell, a restructuring and with several young players, the team is already in the quarter-finals, just like England and France. When? Thursday, 21.7 at 9pm. 

Stars, players, coaches, tactics, expectations…

Week 28 – Furniture made from Lego? Why not?

Furniture made from Lego? Why not?

Lego is and remains one of the most popular toys, not only for children. The plastic bricks with the colourful figures have fascinated for years and do not only belong in our children’s rooms, because they set no limits to the imagination.

Since Lego started production in 1949, a real cult has developed. There are buildings, objects, films, games, competitions and even amusement parks. Even furniture can be built with it. Can’t believe it?

Get inspired here by the incredible furniture you can build with it: 

If you want a new piece of furniture – get inspired here.

Week 27 –  American independence day – how much do you know? 

American independence day – how much do you know? 
Independence Day is the bank holiday of the United States of America and is celebrated every year on 4 July.

It commemorates the signing of the United States Declaration of Independence on 4 July 1776 and is thus considered the founding act of the state. Date of birth of the United States of America. 

How much do you really know about the fight for American independence? Find out here.

­­­­­­Week 26 – Emojis – big misunderstandings on the cards? 

Laugh, cry, swear. With emojis, we put texts into an emotional context. But that can sometimes go wrong. Misunderstandings are literally pre-programmed … . 

Interpretation is everything – but be careful: each person interprets the colourful symbols differently. For one person the grinning smiley looks happy, the other interprets the teeth shown as a declaration of war.

Example: Face with steam coming out of the nose – angry, wrathful, proud or snuffy? 

In addition, emojis look different on different devices and thus send different messages. 

Look it up. emojipedia.org explains the meaning of the different emojis. 

Week 25 – Are you a prepper or a winger? 

Preppers prepare long and hard – wingers act on gut instinct. Which is cooler? No question about it. But is it really? Does it work? 

If you work hard and succeed, you’re a loser.“ Can you really make it to the top with wings? Read more here.

­­­Week 24 – Climate-friendly diet can make a big difference

A climate-friendly diet can make a big difference – even if you don’t eat a completely vegan diet. 

Changing habits can be hard, but even a partial shift away from meat-heavy menus could significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Read more here

Week 23 – Secret messages of clothing 

Fashion is a form of art and therefore also conveys messages. Thus, fashion is a wonderfully subtle means of making political statements. And who, if not the Queen, has mastered this art perfectly? 

A coded royal message: How the Queen sends signals to the world with her clothes

­­­Week 22 –  The grand final of the Champions League

FC Liverpool against Real Madrid. Jürgen Klopp has coached the English first division club FC Liverpool for seven years, has a win rate of around 62 percent (as of March) and managed to beat Villarreal in the semifinals. 

Seven years of Klopp: Liverpool’s journey from his appointment to Paris – A look at the team’s development ahead of Saturday’s Champions League final.

Week 21 –  Life-hack: Gmail trick every user should know

Life hack: Gmail trick that every user should know.

A very simple trick on how to find out who has shared your subscribers‘ personal information. Just put a +name-of-subscribed-service in front of the @ the next time you log in. That’s how vorname.nachname@gmail.com becomes firstname.lastname+abonniertefirma@gmail.com. Google ignores everything between the + and the @ when delivering emails, so the next time you receive new spam, you can see who shared your email address.


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