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Week 39 – All beginnings are difficult? Not really! 

School lessons, meetings, training sessions or workshops are more fun and productive if you start them with a good warm-up. The easiest way: inspiring questions. Try it out. Daresay gives you colourful, interesting, fun questions. 

Click here for the questions.

Week 38 – The Veuve Clicquot Bold Woman Award

Bold is a Veuve Clicquot promotes visibility for women entrepreneurs. Through the programme, Veuve Clicquot aims to help increase inclusion, impact and visibility by giving a voice to women entrepreneurs and encouraging future generations to be even bolder.

Find out more.
(Select United States or United Kingdom as location to get the English language site). 

Week 37 –  Queen Elizabeth II – what you probably didn’t know but will love

Fascinating, chic, intelligent and and and – Queen Elizabeth II, head of the Church of England and the world’s longest reigning head of state, was very secretive and perhaps that’s why she was so fascinating.

Here are some little-known facts about Europe’s longest-serving monarch. 

Tip: it gets really exciting from tip 3 (minute 1:42) 

Week 36 – Google Doodles – you’ve seen them, but have you been paying attention?

Every now and then, the Google logo transforms into funny, brilliant, impactful and engaging doodles to honour the world’s innovators, holidays and others.

Want to know more?

Read this and you will not miss one anymore. 

Week 35 – BeReal: will the new app replace Instagram, Snapchat and Co.?

BeReal is the latest hip social media app with currently to 10 million daily active users – interest is growing rapidly and the app is being downloaded more and more frequently.

Users receive a notification once a day at a random time with the text „Time to BeReal“. They then have two minutes to post an unfiltered photo of what they are doing. This is to create an authentic, unfiltered snapshot of the users‘ lives.

Read more here.

Week 34 – Is the time ripe for alternative investments or is it better to stick with ETFs? 

An ETF (exchange-traded fund) is a collection of investments that are traded on an exchange – like stocks. There are ETFs that contain stocks, bonds, commodities or a combination of all three. ETFs track indices such as the DAX (or the MSCI World) and therefore require much less management effort. 
Therefore, unlike funds, ETFs are less expensive, have no minimum investment amount and are traded like shares throughout the day. An interesting instrument to build up a well-diversified investment portfolio. 

Alternative investments are investments that do not belong to the usual investment categories (shares, bonds, cash). These include private equity, hedge funds, real estate, commodities, etc., but also art, handbags, watches, wines, cryptocurrencies and also NFTs. More here

Week 33 – Back-to-school rituals you will want to adopt

Starting school in the US is associated with a number of fun rituals, such as shopping for school supplies, choosing a special outfit for the first day of school and having your photo taken with a personalised sign.

You can find more fun rituals here. 

Week 32 – WhatsApp can do more than you think

More than 83% of Germans use WhatsApp. But who already knows all the functions, who hasn’t spilled a message or had no patience for a long voicemail? There are solutions. Here are a few functions you probably don’t know all about yet:
47 secret WhatsApp tips and tricks you might not know about

My favourites? I especially like these two tips: „Speed up playback of a voice message“ and „Bookmark important messages“.
Another great tip that is unfortunately missing here: exchange contact details via QR code. Go like this:

Open WhatsApp and go to Settings

Next to your name you will find the symbol for a QR code.

If you click on it, your QR code will be displayed so that someone else can scan it and save it as a contact 😉

Read more here

Week 31 – The most underrated and overrated cities for city breaks

A study shows the cities with the best attractions, ranked by the number of five-star rated activities and the fewest visitors (and vice versa). 

So let’s go, summer is here to stay. Discover the secret jewels among the cities here. 

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