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Week 10 – This week’s feature: International Women’s Day 

Women in political, economic, social and cultural spheres: to honour their achievements and strengthen their rights, 8 March was officially recognised by the United Nations in 1977, although the first movements date back to 1909.

Read more about the story on

and about women who changed our world.

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day 2021 is „Women in Leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world“ and was chosen to recognise the enormous efforts of women and girls around the world in building a more equal future and recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more on

 Some really fascinating International Women’s Day-Quotes. 

Week 09 – This week’s feature: Memes for fun 

Need something to smile about? Memes are funny, exhilarating, sometimes satirical or socially critical images, texts, audios or videos. The term „meme“ comes from the Greek „mimema“ and means „something imitated“. 
 Here is 

a collection of funny memes from the year 2020 by boredpanda

and the supposedly best 50 memes of 2020 by insidehook.  

Week 08 – This week’s feature: Motivational speech / Don’t give up 

Jim Valvano, legendary US basketball coach, gave a speech at the ESPY awards ceremony (awards of the ESPN media group for the best in sports in the USA): ‚Don’t give up … Don’t ever give up!‘: lough, think, cry! 11 minutes – without subtitles, but as true today as it was 3 years ago.   

Watch the video on youtube

Week 07 – This week’s feature: Valentine’s day

Do you know as little about Valentine’s Day as most people? Change that in 1 minute with the BBC video and enjoy the fun facts about this very loved day.

Video: What is Valentine’s Day and how did it start? on BBC

Enjoy the Valentine’s day fun facts on

Week 06 – This week’s feature: Art & Comics

ooops – wow – yeah !!! An incredible $2.2 million was paid for a Batman comic and $3.2 million for an (unpublished) Tintin cover in January. 

To be fair, the Batman comic book is a very well preserved and rare first edition from 1940 and the Tintin cover is an original by Belgian illustrator Hergé from 1936. Find out more about

Find out more about
the Batman comic
and the Tintin cover 

Week 05 – this week’s feature: Fashion / Brands / Dr. Martens

Dr Martens: The shoe loved by Nazis, punks and grunge kids is also loved by stockbrokers as of this Friday. With its Initial Public Offering (IPO), Dr Martens started on the London Stock Exchange with a price of 337 pence per share and ended the day more than 20% higher. Read more on

The inventor of the legendary air cushion sole was Dr Klaus Märtens, a German soldier who was injured in a skiing accident in 1947. In search of a comfortable alternative to the soldier’s boot, he invented the air cushion boot, the soles of which were initially made from surplus Luftwaffe rubber. He sold the patent in 1959 to the British shoe manufacturer Griggs, who launched the first „AirWair 1460“ on 1. April 1960. 

 Discover more about Dr Martens in these fascinating videos:

Ever seen their homepage?  

Take a look and be fascinated.

Week 04 – this week’s feature: Things to do

One good news, one bad news. How long the lockdown will last and how many are still ahead of us, we don’t know. But spring is coming, days are getting brighter again and there is a lot we can do. Alone or with others. Because, to be precise, it’s about physical distance – not social distance, right? So, what can you do? There are more than enough ideas. Here is just a start.

Fun things to do by glamourmagazine

Free things to do by futurelearn

Productive things to do by hellomagazine.

Take a look and get inspired.

Week 03 – this week’s feature: Politics / People: Joe Biden and Kamela Harris

Joe Biden and Kamela Harris will be sworn in this coming Wednesday, due to Corona and the recent attack on the Capitol, in a scaled-down but celebrity-filled event. 
 Read more

in The Guardian:

Joe Biden’s inauguration: when is it and what can we expect?

and in Biography: 

Joe Biden – 10 things you might not have known

Kamela Harris – 10 things you might not have known

Week 02 – this week’s feature: Songs & Legends: Gerry Marsden died

‚You never walk alone‘ interpreter Gerry Marsden died this week, aged 78, from a serious blood infection (not covid). His world-famous interpretation of the original musical song by Rodgers and Hammerstein has made it to number one in various charts and has become the anthem of Liverpool FC and as such is played before the kick-off of every home game.

See FC Liverpools post about Gerry Marsden.

Read the exceedingly current songtext.

See the summary of SkyNews on youtube about Gerry Marsden.

Week 01 – this week’s feature: Resolutions

Same procedure every year. Of course. But what resolutions do you have this year? Do you have any at all? Why not? 

The most common resolutions have been compiled by and ideas, if you still need some, by

Need a tip on how to keep your resolution? Read more on

Have fun with your resolution, because that’s all that really matters, isn’t it?  

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