Newsletter Englisch lernen – Postings 2021

Week 52 – Happy boxing day

Boxing Day is the second Christmas holiday in the UK, which is on 26 December. 

However, it is postponed to the following working day if the 26th does not fall on a weekday, because originally on the occasion of the 
Boxing Day, gifts were distributed to servants, tradespeople and the poor. Nowadays Boxing Day is a traditional shopping day. 

And because December 26 is also the day of St. Stephen, patron saint of horses, horse races, fox hunts and other sporting events are traditionally held on this day. 

More about Boxing Day Traditions

Week 51 – World Championship in Excel 

For almost 20 years, the World Championship in Excel, or more precisely: the Financial Modelling World Cup (FMWC), has been held annually. Students between the ages of 13 and 22 can participate and qualify. In this year’s final, more than 100 students had to solve complex tasks using Excel in a two-hour session. This year’s winner, Andrew Ngai from Australia won $10,000. 

Watch the Excel experts compete head-to-head

Week 50 – Interactive storytelling on the more than burning issues of our time

In an interactive series, McKinsey tells stories and highlights topics and issues that pose major challenges for us today. It’s about protecting nature, preparing for jobs of the future, global action and more. 

Published in the series so far are: 
K-pop, culture, containers and why Asia is where the action is
A tiger’s tale about the true value of nature
Me, a robot? What technological change means for tomorrow’s jobs
(Food) waste is undesirable
Hungry fish, baffled farmers and what happened next

Note: these interactive pages sometimes require a little more loading time. Therefore please be patient. It is worth it. It may also help to use a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, …). 

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