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Week 9 – Russia has invaded Ukraine

The world is shocked and puzzled about what happens next. Let’s take a look at what NATO is and when it acts?

Week 8 – Presidents‘ Day, or originally „Washington’s Birthday“, too early? 
Why is Presidents‘ Day on Monday 21 February, when George Washington’s birthday is actually on 22 February (*1732)? In 1972, Presidents‘ Day was moved to the third Monday in February to allow federal employees more three-day weekends. 

But then why is it called Presidents‘ Day?
The point of this day is not only to remember George Washington, the first American president, but also to reflect on America’s founding and values. Moreover, Lincoln’s birthday is also in February, so it is a special day to commemorate these two presidents. 

What do you know about the American presidents?
Presidents‘ Day Quiz

Week 7 – The first YouTube video to reach 10 billion people

Baby Shark, originally a children’s song from the USA and Canada, originated from a campfire song or chant. According to YouTube, Pinkfong’s reinterpretation has now cracked the 10 billion view mark, making it the most watched video on the platform. 
But why did the song from the South Korean educational entertainment company Pinkfong become so popular? It’s catchy with eye-catching imagery and inspires children all over the world – even if it’s not something adults can necessarily relate to. 

Here is the list of the 10 most-viewed YouTube videos of all time

Week 6 – Humorous faux pas for the Queen’s platinum jubilee 

On 6 February, 70 years ago, Elizabeth ascended the throne and thus celebrates the platinum jubilee this year. Celebrations are planned for June. 

A misprint on a souvenir is currently causing a stir: instead of „The Platinum Jubilee“ it says „The Platinum Jubbly“ and, with their usual British humour, the British are discussing whether it is particularly valuable or embarrassing and what can be done with it as an alternative. 

Read more about it here

Week 5 – A game goes viral: Mastermind with letters 

Wordle, a simple online game that is only available in the internet browser, is going viral. Right. The original is not available as an APP. Wordle is about guessing a word with 5 letters. You have 6 attempts. If the right letter is in the right place, the tile turns green. If the right letter is in the wrong place, the field turns yellow. A grey tile means that the letter does not appear in the word at all. 

> A psychologist explains
> Click here for the game

Week 4 – I never liked easy

Happy 50th, dear Gabriel Macht, better known as Harvey Specter from the lawyer series Suits. He is known for his charming, confident, sometimes arrogant manner and loved for his sayings. To mark his 50th birthday on 22 January, here are the 50 best sayings.

Week 3 – Person of the Year 2021

Whoever had the strongest impact on history or represented the year or century the most is given the title by the Times.

And although he has come under heavy criticism for an attitude to taxes, his opposition to trade unions and his downplaying of the dangers of covid, his name, more than any other, represents the car industry’s move towards electric cars.

More about the person of the Year 2021

Week 2 – Quiz year review 2021

Caught up on everything in the last year? Celebrities, sports, films, series, politics, Corona, memes, showbiz, music, food, … .

Here’s the

Week 1 – Zuckerberg’s idea of meta meetings of the future

Zuckerberg’s idea of meta meetings of the future – physical distance without social distance. With Mark Zuckerberg’s „Metaverse,“ that digital future doesn’t seem so far away. 

Mark Zuckerberg has given a glimpse of Facebook’s plans to build the „Metaverse“ – a digital world that sits above our own and includes virtual reality headsets and augmented reality. 

Is this what Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2022 will look like? 

Check it out.

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