Writing a comment – example

Example comment für den Englischunterricht zum Thema ‘Writing a comment. Dieser Kommentar wurde von einem Schüler der 10. Klasse geschrieben und mit ‘sehr gut’ bewertet.

Writing a comment - example

Comment on ‚Forty-five percent of teens are online ‚almost constantly’ – and they don’t know if it’s good for them‘.

(published on may 31, 2018 by Abby Ohlheiser in the Washington Post)

Aufgabe: According to the author: ‘It is possible that teens cannot agree on whether social media are good or bad for them, because, at different moments, they can be both.’ Comment.

Comment: Nowadays social networks are used by people all over the world. They use them to stay in contact with their friends or family, get information about what’s happening in other parts of the world or just to bore something away.

But there are also some negative facts, for example are social media also used for bullying.

In the following I’m going to comment whether teenagers can agree or can’t agree if social media are good for them, also including the article „ Forty-five percent of teens are online ‚almost constantly’ – and they don’t know if it’s good for them“ written by Abby Ohlheiser published in the Washington Post on 31 may, 2018.

First off all, social media are the best option for humans to express new possibilities for their future. They can find new attractions and places in the world, which they would never have heard of.

Second, social networks are often used to find out the answer to questions, when not knowing the answer. Most of the people just take out their mobile phones, type it in and then they can read the answer.

Third, social media are used to stay in contact with your friends, even if they move or travel.

On the other side there are also negative points, for example that there aren’t just websites with goog thoughts, like websites where violence or sexual content is shown.

Furthermore it has to be mentioned that there are people, mostly men, who get on these websites and don’t do legitimate things.

On top of that, there are teenagers, who use social network platforms to bully their classmates. For this they use networks where you can write anonymously.

Weighing the pros and cons, I come to the decision, that social media isn’t a big problem for teenagers, if there are rules, which have to be followed and controlled by humans and / or machines.

On top I think that social media should even be more popular, so that parents also know about it, so that they can teach their children about the problems.

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‚writing a comment‘

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