Outline example

Outline example


Outline the American values and virtues as well as the challenges faced by America that Hillary Clinton refers to in her speech.


Hillary Clinton, keynote address at the New America Foundation‘s 2014 conference, May 16, 2014

Outline example

Outline as example

On the second day of the New America Conference, Former Senator of New York and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a speech, directed to the citizens of America in order to promote herself for the position of the president and to inform the citizens about her vision of a “new“ American Dream.

Right at the beginning she points out that the values of America: opportunity, freedom and equality run next to the concept of a positive development in society through hard work and dedication, while having the same opportunities to do so. Prosperity and common purpose have to be shared, so that America is strong and the people can participate in economy and democracy. Moreover, she points out that a healthy society is created by a working middle class and the people finding themselves at the bottom, believing in the chance of a better life.

According to Clinton this can be fulfilled by hard work and the respect towards certain rules. Nevertheless, she mentions that a lot of families are facing the problem of coping with the changing economy, so that upward mobility is out of reach for them. Nearly half of the children born in poor conditions cannot manage to fight poverty and rise to a life in the middle class. Another problem is that African-American middle-class children tend to have a lower income than their  parents and for that often lose their social rank.

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